picture of boy with christmas tree in backgroundWhen her husband left after 15 years of marriage, 50-year-old Joanne suddenly found herself in dire straits. She was grieving the loss of the relationship, she was on the verge of losing her home, and she developed a serious heart condition that would require much attention.

When her savings finally ran out, Joanne received an eviction notice from her landlord. She was devastated.

At Rock Bottom, Where to Go?

When she turned to The Salvation Army, she found the help she desperately needed. Counselors worked with Joanne to assess her situation, create financial goals, and put a halt to the eviction so she could keep her home. They helped her catch up with her payments, and provided assistance from the food pantry to cut down on her bills.

Within two months, Joanne found work — a job she could do from the comfort of her home — and she was living on a balanced budget. She hasn’t needed any more assistance since.

Joanne’s story illustrates how circumstances can swiftly change a person’s situation, from a lifestyle of comfort and few worries to a desperate position. It could happen to anyone.