“I Just Lay Down on the Floor and Cried”

by Debbi

SA-16-06-Summer-eNewsletter-2016NWE6NL-Article3-600x536My name is Debbi. I’m a single mom with three daughters, and it’s not easy. When I recently lost one of my two jobs, things went from bad to worse: I was going to lose my home.

As the last pieces of furniture were being moved out of my house, I just lay down on the floor and cried out to God. I had to let it go.

Then I remembered The Salvation Army. I had volunteered with them in the past, so I knew they could do the most good for a family in desperate need. They’ve provided us safe shelter and care until we get back on our feet.

“Unconditional Love”

But I’ve had to overcome my own fears of rejection. My mom struggled with alcohol and drugs, and eventually abandoned me. I was afraid to get close to anyone.

The Salvation Army has helped me in that area, by showing unconditional love to me and my girls. They’ve helped in practical ways too, with food, shelter, job attainment, and getting into our own place again. Now I’m working as a security guard, while also pursuing a degree in culinary school. I’d like to own a small café someday.

Thanks to The Salvation Army, and to your support, I feel renewed. I am renewed.