Worship Services

Salvation Army worship services can be as unique as the city in which you live. Our services bring together a mix of “old-time” religion and contemporary worship. Services generally include a variety of expressions of worship that may range from singing of gospel hymns to contemporary worship songs, from drama presentations to sacred dance, from topical messages to Biblical exegesis. Sunday morning services are at 11:00 a.m. A Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening service may also be available in your area.

Sunday School

Sunday School provides weekly Bible study classes for men and women, boys and girls using Word Action curriculum. It is a time for believers to gather together as God’s family in mutual encouragement and support. The Salvation Army believes Sunday School to be a key element of a vital youth ministry and an important tool for building strong families.

Bible Study and Prayer Meetings

Mid-week Prayer Service and Bible Study meetings are designed to be both spiritual and educational. This program offers a weekly time to study God’s Word and learn practical applications for the Bible’s teachings. It also includes a time of spiritual encouragement through prayer for the needs of individuals, families, the church, and communities.

Children’s Bible Study

Children are encouraged to learn the Bible through the interactive learning programs of Junior Church and Junior Soldiers. Both programs teach Biblical principles to children through games, stories, media presentations and lessons that teach children the essentials to building a personal relationship with Jesus. Our Junior Church program is open to children of all ages. The Junior Soldier program is designed for members of The Salvation Army ages 7-14. In addition to interactive Bible Study, this course provides instruction to children about Salvation Army doctrine and beliefs.

Teen Bible Study

The Salvation Army’s Corps Cadet program provides interactive classes in leadership training and Bible Study for teenagers. The program is designed to help participants grow emotionally and spiritually, to encourage community service, and to assist teenagers in developing a mature and well-rounded spiritual life.

Corps Community Centers

Salvation Army Corps Community Centers offer both after-school and summer programs for children ages six to twelve. The Summer Day Camp Program includes team sports, games, swimming, arts and crafts, nature walks, Bible study and weekly field trips. During the school year, members can receive homework help as well as learn team-work and socialization skills through recreational activities, games, arts and crafts, holiday celebrations and field trips. Children have the opportunity to interact with other children and adults in a safe, supervised environment. The Corps Community Center also has a gymnasium sports program which provides instruction and competition in basketball, karate, and soccer for children, teens and adults.

Youth Clubs

Open to children ages 6-17, Salvation Army Youth Clubs offer fifteen athletic activities including Football, Cheerleading, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Indoor and Outdoor Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, and Karate. In addition to traditional sports programs, a Games Room, Sexual Abstinence Program, Arts & Crafts, Chess Club and Ballet are also available.

Boys & Girls Clubs

Working collectively with families, schools, and outside agencies, each Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club provides local youth ages 6 to 18, with:

A safe, positive, and nurturing after-school and summer environment,
A place where youth receive instructions in life skills for personal growth and development, and
Services to all youth regardless of ethnic background or economic status.

Educational Programs

The Clubs’ various programs and activities are designed to prepare its youth members for a successful transition into adulthood. Qualified staff members work alongside community and parent volunteers to tutor and mentor members, as well as supervise structured activities which promote learning, personal growth and skills development.

While attending the club, each member is encouraged to utilize on-site resource libraries and up-to-date computer labs.

Throughout the year, club members participate in workshops focusing on such topics as job readiness, leadership skills, healthy lifestyle choices and community involvement.

Recreational Programs

Sports and group recreational activities are a large part of the clubs’ programs. Supervised activities, which include basketball, football, cheerleading, arts and crafts, cooking, golf, and other such activities, strengthen social skills, encourage teamwork, and build leadership skills, while helping to build self-confidence.

Community and Cultural Enrichment Programs

Members are encouraged to take pride in their communities through organized community clean-up projects, recycling, and other volunteer activities.

Cultural enrichment programs provide members opportunities for experiences in various forms of the arts, including visual arts, drama, music, and photography. In addition, monthly field trips introduce members to other cultures and experiences outside of their communities and circumstances.